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Legend of Warships FAQ

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  • Legend of Warships FAQ

    Q: Badge System: What stats should the sixth Badge have?
    A: You can’t equip two Badges with the same stats. So the sixth Badge should have different Stats from the previous 5 Badges.

    Q: How to change a Captain?
    A: Click on “fleet”, and then click “Captain” at the upper right corner. At last click “Captain” at the bottom.

    Q: What is the use of Coins?
    A: Improve Warship and Captain level, draw Badges, etc.

    Q: Why does the Warship sometimes deals only 1 or 2 damage in Atlantic Supply Route?
    A: Only specific Warships can deal normal damage, such as BB and BC Warships.

    Q: How to upgrade Warships?
    A: If you have enough materials, you can click on “Modification”, and then click “Customize”.

    Q: How to get Warships?
    A: “Send Agent”. You can resolve Warships to get Universal Blueprints to exchange, or get Warships in Exchange Shop, Check-in Events, etc.

    Q: How to get Captains?
    A: “Recruit Captains”. You can resolve Captains to get Souls to exchange, or join Events, etc.

    Q: Will Ammunition and Rations in Arms Assembly be retained in the next event?
    A: No.

    Q: I have the materials to upgrade a talent and I meet the conditions, why I can’t upgrade skills?
    A: In the same line, the level of skills in the back can’t be higher than the previous one.

    Q: How to get Prestige?
    A: Join Pacific War at 8 pm on every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday to earn Prestige.
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    How do you remove a Badge ?