1. How to get more EXP and Speed-up items?
Find the Walkers in World and slay them!
Click the [World] button in the lower right corner to go to the World Map. It’s very easy to find Walkers on the map.

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Even if you’re in the early stages, you can defeat Walkers under Lv.8 without easily. You can use the Magnifier on the left to search specific level Walkers.

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Every time you defeat Walkers you will get lots of rewards.

Each time you kill a Walker of a new level, you will receive 16 pieces of Shards of the S-Class hero - Doctor and Speed-up Items for several hours. Once you have defeated Walkers of all levels, you will have 400 pieces of Hero Shard and 1000+ hours Speed-up items.

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Slaying Walkers in World can give you more EXP than in the Elite checkpoint of Story.

There is 1000 Endurance per day for each player and every attack will cost 50. Once you use all your Endurance, it will recover slowly. In general, you can start 40 attacks to Walkers daily to get tons of EXP and Speed-up items for several hours.

In addition, if you’re a Guild member, you will receive an extra Guild Gift, resources and Speed-up Items in each victory. So that's the easiest way to get 100 or 200 Guild Gifts as a Guild! Guild Gifts will improve your Guild's level.

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Battling with the Walkers won’t cause your army any casualties. So when you are building facilities or doing research, go kill some Walkers to get more Speed-up Items, EXP and Resources.
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