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How to get 3 stars in Story Quests

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  • How to get 3 stars in Story Quests

    How to get 3 stars in Story Quests

    A Hero is always the key to dominating the battlefield in Survivor Legacy, high level Heroes will become a great help in battle. Remember than the max level of a Hero is limited by your Commander level, so you will need to upgrade it too.

    Enter the Saloon to win new Heroes. Collect as many Heroes as possible at the beginning and focus on upgrading them.

    There is a chance that an Elite Challenge will drop Hero Shards.

    S-Class Hero Shards can also be obtained from Elite Challenges, but they are very rare.

    The Hero Rank can be improved by collecting Hero Equipment. Upgrading the Hero Rank can unlock new Hero Skills, which are very useful in the battle.

    The first hero you have is Jack. You can obtain his Shards after completing each chapter.

    Let's see how to improve your power quickly!
    Once you get 3 Stars in a checkpoint, you can Blitz it. Blitz will help you win Commander EXP very quickly and more Hero EXP items.

    If you're struggling to get 3 Stars in a checkpoint, take a step back and use the auto-battle! Observe which one of your Heroes is easily defeated. Focus on upgrading this Hero and eliminate the enemies who cause more damage first.

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    please fix elite 9 3 no matter what i do how many hit points i have they all die when you kill the last guy i have 93k in troops all gone. it nice they return stamina tho.