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    How is it that me and my guildies are not really able to play icon dalu, because it's lagging too hard and hero formation select window does not load for years, if at all, but other guilds are happily fighting the whole day occupying one city, base and castell after another?

    Also I often have the issue that when hero formation window finally loaded after I clicked on the left red attack button and I set my team, it takes years again until something happens and zack: i find my team in defence mode.

    So I have to try to run before the battle starts (which does not function very well when you are lagging so bad that another player starts attacking before you managed to) and try to set up the attacking team again which - surprise, surprise - again takes years or does not happen at all.

    This makes me mad seeing other guilds claiming all the rewards and having fun battling and my guild with players from Vietnam too and not only Europe just can't although other guilds of my server are holding several bases, cities and castles, which shows that they somehow can play icon dalu.

    Normally my guild and of course all guilds that have the same problem would have deserved compensation for every icon dalu in which they cannot play because of the problems described. - But that remains wishful thinking, I suppose

    So what are you, R2 games, going to do about this ?
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    same problem ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


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      R2 only does support for R2 accounts and billing issues on this game. In the game, on both the loading screen and in the Notice tab, it tells you that for any problems, contact them through their Facebook page. This Facebook page appears to be the more active one of the bunch, you can try here:
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        Thank you, MemoryLane.