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  • Resources

    Resources in this game is far and wide, like 86k per hr is going to take forever to get the 50mil that u need to upgrade in 4th age, no matter how long u mine, no matter how many events u do, u will never reach 50mil needed to upgrade ur castle, especially since training takes a whole lot, should be 86k per farm not over all, this game is messed up badly

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    an example


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      it doesnt take as long as you may suggest and you forgot the resource chest you get from Events and Hunting monsters you forgot that as well. Whenever you decide to upgrade to lvl 20 castle you will see!!!


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        no it takes longer, resource chest is not that good and i dont know anyone who is going to sit around and kill 50mil monsters just to get resources, i know i wont, game is totally messed up, 6 nations in age 4 and only 3 will ever make it do city of darkness unless the other 3 quit the game and with resources the way they are, they just might


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          But you're mistaken!


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            Maybe you need a more active guild, where your guild mates actually hunt and help out, i get anywhere from 50-100 scrolls per day from guildies sometimes more.....i got 47 just for logging on at lunch, that number will go up from the night crew (guildies).

            We only 10 strong but if all 10 hunt per day its alot of scrolls.


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              i cant even log on or in black screen and in any case scrolls? what friggin game u talking about?


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                you get resource scrolls for hunting as well as when your guildies hunt.................them scrolls!