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Pox's Starter Guide, TLDR.

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  • [Guide] Pox's Starter Guide, TLDR.

    These should be your priorities: Arena Rank (for extra armor chips), hero starups, and armor sets. The rest can wait a year..

    For the arena battles, you want to use 5 heroes. Starting out, I think Nocht King is best for the lead slot. Give that one extra starups, keep him one step ahead of the other 4. Nocht can take a lot of damage, stuns, and with some crests will reincarnate at 35% health. This makes him stronger than he appears at first look. You should spend most stamina every day on hero trials to get starups. Starups are dear, and it takes about 1 month to get enough to get a hero to 5 stars. Do not waste starups on low tier heros. Keep your best 5 stronger than the others on your server.

    #2 slot should go to Kings Gallant. He does a quick heal on the most damaged hero about 20 seconds into the battle. He will keep nocht king alive.

    #3 and 4 slot should be Wyrm Slayer and Broadfoot. They are higher tier heroes and easy to get upgrade chips for.

    #5 I think Invoker. Decent healing that happens later in the battle, and gives some boost to mages.

    Keep these 5 strong and you will do well in the arena and get the daily armor chips.

    On to armor! You should start with level 3 mines.
    gray 5* = 42% boost, green 5* = 51%, purple 4* = 40%, purple 5* = 68%, gold 4* = 46%

    4 types of gear, and different colors. 4 pieces of gray gear maxed out to 5 stars gives a 42% boost to that hero. You really want this.. Do not mix colors in a set. Keep them all to the same level of stars. "Optional" chips help a lot. You will always be short on rings and chains for sets, so save the optional chips for those. Try to send your miners for rings and chains.

    Level 3 mines will get you a lot of gray chips, some greens, and a few blues. Nocht always gets the best set. Lead hero lives = YOU WIN. if that one dies, battles are different. After a few months mining, extra arena chips, and optional chips you may have 3-4 maxed sets of gray gear, and maybe a green set. Then start grabbing blue optional chips during events and finish that blue set for Nocht. It took me about 1 year to finish a set of purple gear. Recycle sword and armor chips, you always want some extra gems in the recycler to get extra rings and chains in the recycler store.

    After you get nocht to 5 stars, and have 5 star gear start working on crests. These take a while.. Stop using all stamina on starups and start using it for crests! Nocht goes first, of course. Get that one to elite and his icon will turn pink and unlock the last hero skill.

    Nocht should be strong now, back to starups for your other 4 heros. Then more crests. Last do another hero to get the fate boost for Nocht, repeat, and you now have a strong starter set for the arena.

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    Always do whatever for rank, and the required upgrades for your city. Skip iron mines and silver, leave them 1-2 levels behind. You want wood to build troops and buildings, some crop for moving on the map. Do research always, train troops always, pick your battles.

    You do not need to send all heros to battle! Leave them home. no need to give merit away. Watch the battles. Look at the merit score. If you are giving more than you are getting, STOP. Send your best, many times if needed. The rest can sit and wait.

    After some more months, you will get better armor. Keep nocht king strong, he always gets the best set. Gray sets go to other heros when you have better gear. After a year you should have gray sets for all your heros.

    Save your gems. Time will get you most things free. Do get a capital if possible. Level 3 mines work well. No level 3 mines? Save 5000 gems and change servers.

    A big guild helps a LOT. do that. the guild help for research will save a lot of time waiting.

    Last, spend $5 and get elf queen, awesome healer. Put all s+ optional chips there, and spend no more. Tarot event is good for S+ optionals. The other events are not worth the trouble/

    Vizier bonus is big. Do that if you want to grow faster. Change servers and pick a small inactive nation, kill some stuff, 2500 blue gems per day. Boom, done. H41 server has a few empty/inactive nations. Take one, get the gems, and do sieges..


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      You do want to do COD every Saturday. Dark Lord is a very powerful hero and you need those COD chips to get top crests. And the winner gets level 6 mines.