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  • Hell Camp

    I'm unable to train berserker troops in Hell Camp. I have the required silver, troops and berserker coins for it, but it won't allow me to train more. The "training" button is greyed out constantly no matter if I try train lower tier or anohter amount of troops. What can I do ?

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    Hi It is because your reserves are full. If you equip them you will be able to train some more. Upgrading your Hell Camp should give you more reserve space.


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      Thank you, somehow I did not see that.
      2k is kind of a low amount of troops, making the them rather useless when compare what it takes to train them and the fact it's only enough for 1 hero to recruit troops once. Would it be possible to increase that maximum reserve amount?


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        You are welcome To increase reserve amount in Hell Camp, you need to upgrade it, if it isn't maximum already.