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Sagehelm issues

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  • Sagehelm issues

    So we had our first siege and of course no where near getting it done in 2 hours. 2 issues I have with it. One there are no kill rewards at all for this attempt. We just got nation rank rewards (wow 300 books of exp that we don't know what to do with as there is nothing else left to do except this middle fort). Created ticket to to support and it went to dev/null i guess as no response what so ever. Second is that whatever damage we did, it will be negated as it's regenerating. At this rate it would take us forever to kill it. I don't know how do you expect to us to kill this thing. May be when we hit max level on world and it can't go up any more and when we all max out our heros (and that will never happen as there is nothing going on since almost everyone is gone and won't come back), I can see this happen in few years at best if we had like 50 or so active players on the server that put in hours of game play, but wait what play? There is none left..... . What's the point of 4th age if we can't move to it till we all max out? Why not then just state it up front, you can't advance to 4th age until you max all out or spend several thousand dollars to kill it (even that would take 30+ people spending which is insane)... the map is way too small for more than 10 days of play time. We had more people quit half way to first siege as there was nothing to do. We take over map, we can't go past main cities on other colors because tunnels don't let us. We can't grow because there is nothing to kill as we took the map and other 2 colors are just locked up and mostly all quit and gone. What is the point of the game that makes you wait forever to take it to the next age and give you any way to get there? Feels like a waste of time and 45 days to build up to this is really stupid. I guess this is yet another game by R2 where they expect you to spend money and then when you realized they won't let you get past next stage, you just quit. What a great concept....

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    Well just like this forum the server is dead. How are we supposed to win sagehelm no idea. Thanks for dead end game R2. Now those that are left there stuck for good since we simple have no man power.


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      Unfortunately, there isn't a specific moderator for this game to assist with bugs, complaints, and questions. If your tickets are going unanswered reach out to a moderator on the forums. When you send a message please, include the game you're messaging about and a brief explanation of what your tickets pertaining to. We'll require either the ticket number or the email attached to the ticket.
      In regards to your problem can you provide me with screenshots detailing what you explained in your initial posting, please? I'm not familiar with this game, and the screenshots make it easier for me to explain what the issue is with the visual representation. Thank you.
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