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Can't log in S1

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    Originally posted by *Minori* View Post

    Please, follow the previous instructions regarding compensation. I've attached my previous comment with the instructions.
    Did that. I was told that and I quote " it is normal for new players to be not able to connect to the server... " more stupidity like that. Not a word of compensation or anything of the sort. They are not even aware that there was connection issue. I have been playing on sever for months and not a new player. If you consider 100 gems a fair compensation for losing 24 hours of events, game play, merit, world and guild boss rewards, then that is most disrespectful way you can threat a customer. I know you are here on volunteer bases, but R2 support is utterly useless and if you have a way to contact someone above that, then I can only ask that you forward our complains as support is not capable of doing that it seems with response that they send. In fact you can forward this as complaint about both game issues and support. Thanks.


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      Well now we missed the whole event. It just gave us event ended and we did not get even got a chance to enter it. No rewards for the week, weekly merit, or this stupid event. Wow.


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        So absolutely no Rewards for participating in this week long event!!! This even was bugged due to an R2 Error not from the player base and we got nothing for something we (the Players) had no control over..............thanks for the great nothingness that this was!!!!


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          Hey everyone, I can't get any answer from the devs or server maintenance crew about why I can't log onto my character Soeekiller lvl 41 or 42 on S20. We finished the Sagehelm event Thursday, January 30 and then we ended up on a new board with some individuals from other servers. We were allowed to play for the rest of the day and then we got disconnected. The message I keep getting is:

          Regular server connection unsuccessful! Check if the server is still active, or press F5.

          I've reached out to the moderators a couple of times and have been told that R2 has been informed and will expedite a fix. However, 2 service tickets later and 4 days later and I can't get an answer on what's going on. Is it a server issue, were we migrated to another server other than S20, or something else?

          Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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            Seriously, we've been dealing with this issue for the entire week!!! At least you got some action!!


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              Attention Players,

              In China, there was an outbreak of a new virus called the Coronavirus. If you have not heard of it I suggest googling and informing yourself of what this virus is. What does this mean in regards to the servers being fixed and compensation? Currently, R2Staff is working from their homes due to travel restrictions caused by this outbreak. They're working at low efficiency and issues will take longer to be fixed. We will post updates as we receive them. Please, be patient in the meantime. Thank you.

              Kind Regards,
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                Nice cover up but this has been going on long before this "virus"!