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S35 - error when loading

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  • S35 - error when loading


    Receiving error when loading s35.

    Please could you fix it
    Thank you.

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    Hi, are you still experiencing issues logging on?
    To file a ticket with support for assistance click here


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      Hello, on the browser yes.


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        I have the same problem when log in in Facebook and in gameroom, I have two accaunts one on S35 and one an S31. I made a new one on S44, this is working well direct log in on R2 Games Stard side. I got realy far on S31 and S35 I dont wanna loose this accounts. I payed a good amount of money for them.
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          Please, submit a ticket for assistance in figuring out why you're having issues connecting to your accounts.
          If you have a problem, need assistance and we can't help? Submit a ticket with R2 here
          Please, view the bug report list here - CS1
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          Please, view the bug report list here - CS2
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          Please, note my inbox is broken. Post your issue or question on the forums.


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            Same problem happens with player Warhog on S32 after the game reloaded to load the new map, immediately after capturing Fort Sagem.
            Happened with Chrome Browser, but I can still log in with Firefox Browser, IF I USE THE HTTP adress with firefox, instead of the secured https.
            I can not log in either with Firefox if I use the secured https adress.
            Already cleared Chrome cache, and relaunched it, without success.

            It might be a security token that needs to be reinitiated.

            The real issue is that most S32 players seem to be stuck and can't log in, after beeing transfered to the new map.
            They didn't log in since we have been transfered to the new map.