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  • quasidan
    started a topic Maintenance


    Haven't seen any real maintenance for quite awhile. Here are some issues:

    1. Waving " Help " hand, occasionally appears in different locations on the screen.
    2. The little red indicator spot, on the " 7 Day Event ", does not disappear, after collecting rewards. You have to refresh the game, in order for it to disappear.
    3. For some reason, or another, every time I log into the game, one or two pieces of my equipment, have mysteriously un-equipped themselves, from one or more of my heroes.
    4. One of the Crests, involving the " Rainbow Eye ", seems to be broken. It says " May Craft ", but when you go to craft the item, and you have, say, 6/5 - Rainbow Eyes, all of a sudden, it tells you you need to have 2 Rainbow Eyes (10+/5 ), and then the " May Craft " symbol (+) disappears.
    5. Had an interesting message, on World Chat today: : Watchmen;s Guild occupied Storm Empire's Fort Armengham. Guild BruteSquad performed the best, with player yile getting the most kills." So in essence, considering BruteSquad is part of Storm Empire, we were somehow attacking our own Fort.
    6.Movement speed tends to vary, at different times of the day. Flying speed also seems to vary, too, especially when crossing water.
    - On a final note, the willingness to play the game is getting worse, from one server to the next. The big spending credit card warriors are ruining the game. 1 -3 people dominate the server, and basically seize control in a matter of a few days. You may think servers have large populations, but many people quit, once one guild takes over 3/4 of the map, in a few days. In 2 previous servers I have been on, only a few remain active, for more than a week.

  • Clifford Rottweiler
    issue 5. message just means that someone defending got the most kills from battle.

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