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Invasions SUCK

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  • Invasions SUCK

    on our server we have the second most amount of property, but 2 or 3 times a day, we are invaded by NPC's. not just one or two sites but usually 5 or 6 sites. This is totally unbalanced.. our opponents get 1 or 2 invasions, we get 6. so they can handle easily, and we are then invaded by them, pushing them back each time.. i am about the end of this. and keep it up, i bet others are upset also.

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    Dont have so many cities opened, only have cities open that are under a players control, let the npc kill the others off, you should see a reduction in NPC.


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      This is not the case.. MY city, was attacked by NPC 3x's in a row.. and we have left several cities unoccupied. I was attacked 2x's yesterday, losing my city last night.. I cant help expand our holdings and push back other nations when i spend so many troops and so much time defending my one City. NPC's are so heavily weighted, even with the big guys helping it takes over an hour, just to defend one city.. thats just nuts.


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        what's your World Level?


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          Fourth Age, World Level 14.


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            It usually calculates the npc attacks on percent of the map you own. 20-24% will get you one attack. 25-29% 3 attacks, 30-35% 5 attacks and so on... this happens twice a day at same time everyday. If you want less npc attacks give up some land and make server more balanced, hope this helps.


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              Ok, that makes sense.. is a pain, as our server only has 2 active nations, so, they get half, we get the other.. more or less.. Thanks for advising.