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Events bugged

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  • Events bugged


    For the last 20 days my account on server 43 has not received a single "event" apart from the daily recharge (zodiac) event and hell event. This is really annoying. My other account on server 41 is getting like 4 "events" per day apart from those two. Their difference is about 14 days of creation of the two accounts. This is really really pissing me off.

    By events I mean the glowing open chest icon where there usually are events to do. Right now, that open events icon is completely gone and missing from my UI on server 43... again... for like the 15th day out of 20. Can support help me at all? The game is not even listen on the support page, like ***.

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    The Third Age is the third name down on the game list in the ticket form. It doesn't matter how you get to the form, the link is at the bottom of every support article page, they all go to the same place and are organized by the game you select from the list.

    Can you grab a set of screenshots for us to forward your issue? We would want the same shot from each server to show what one has and the other doesn't. Also, is it just you experiencing the issue, or is it everyone on S43? If you think it's just you, we'll also need your UID located on the banner at the top of your game screen.
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