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  • We Want Answers ASAP!!!!

    [Update] The Third Age v7.7 06/23 @ 07:00-08:00 AM EDT

    Yesterday, 06:22 AM
    TTA V7.7 will be released on June 23rd, 2020. The update will start at 7:00 AM EDT, lasting about 2 hours.

    Update time:
    06/23 07:00-08:00 EDT

    1. Hell event entrance
    2. Rebel camp
    3. jigsaw puzzle
    4. New hero

    1.Modify the upper limit of fatigue
    2.Modify the Recruitment Fort
    3.Modify the calculation formula of battlepower
    4.Modify Novice plot related function

    We have tried to get Feedback in the Original Thread for this. Seems they have chose to Ignore us.
    We need a DETAILED description of what was done and effects. The game has completely changed and NOT for the better. Everything we've spent Months, Years, Money, working on
    just went POOF.
    Therefore We ARE entitled to an explanation in Detail as to what changes were made, how they affect gameplay, characters, and so forth.
    Your going to lose several players, credit card carrying players by staying silent. . The Natives are not Happy

    Don't know why R2 unbanned me. Must have thought I actually liked their bugged and broken game and would resume spending. HA, Jokes on you R2!!

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    Here are some answers to the questions regarding the updates:

    [Jigsaw Puzzle]
    Event Rules:
    1. During the event, you can obtain the event items for "Bright eye deft hand" by training, harvesting resources on Fief, defeating monsters, gathering estate;
    2. Consumption of "Bright eye deft hand" can be used for Bright eye deft hand Puzzles, each time you complete the puzzle successfully, you will get 1 reward;
    3. The ranking shows the top 10 fastest completion records, and the corresponding ranking reward will be issued by email after the event;
    4. The ranking is updated every hour during the event.
    5. After the event, unused "Bright eye deft hand" chip will be automatically removed by the system, please use it as soon as possible during the event.

    [Modify the recruitment Fort]
    1. The original function of the recruitment fort was modified to increase the Maximum quantity of troops of all heroes, and the progress bar of the soldier upper limit on the right side of the recruitment fort interface was replaced with the increased quantity of troops of all heroes.
    2. The total quantity of troops no longer shows the upper limit

    In regards to the optimization, there's no available information at this time.
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