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  • Reporting A Player

    Is there somewhere I can report a player, or is this the correct area? Either way:
    Player name: Adzelwy Server: 46 ( Sevindale ) Faction: Watchmen's Union Guild: Vanguard
    The reason I am reporting this person, is because I held off this person's attack the first time. I reinforced my troops, and when said person came back, my troops were wiped out in less than 2 minutes. Seems unusual..

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    You would need evidence of the unusual encounter, usually in the form of a video or at least a screenshot, and you would send that in a ticket to with your description of why it was unusual.

    If you want feedback from the community on if the attack was unusual or not, you would need to include more information about the attack and your defense for people to compare.
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      Yeah, well, that is not going to happen. I have neither a video, nor a screenshot. As for a comparison, I guess when the attacker has 1.5 million more battle power, than you do, I suppose you really have no chance. Always good in a game, where someone can simply buy their way to the top, and do it in less than 4 days. It would be interesting to see, if for the first week, you could not purchase any crystals. If everyone was on a more equal footing, to start off with, maybe more people would stick around.


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        As of June 2020 : Noel S1 is now in H5 (vip 4th Age) (If you are reading this, Do NOT transfer to H5) A few players, including myself had to leave H3 Mid May 2020, because Server #1 Noel and his alts took over the entire map in April; blocked every Faction from participating every Saturday 11am, and made sure to post in World chat the 2 drinks 'Cheers'. So a few of us save 5K Diamonds to pay to move to H5, hoping to finally have some fun. Sure enough May 24th, S1 Noel transferred H5. Now our map is being taken over easily... again. Noel has 94,069,047 Battle Power / 343,124,323 Kills atm ... Will the Developers create a limit/Ceiling from having a Virus like Noel take over any map easily? I'm only VIP 6, with 8,000,000 Battle power. It cost me nearly 1K Cnd $$$ thinking it would help me, it did not. PLEASE put these really obnoxious BATTLE POWER players in a Special Server for them to have fun... Soon H4 should open; odd because H5 opened first... Right now, no use playing. he can camp 2-3 of his 20 Units anywhere he wants. Near impossible to even scratch him. If you're thinking of transferring to another Server... Check to make sure not to go where he is, it ruins the game. I'm 43 Servers ahead of him, and it's been hell for us, to have a Server 1 Player.
        Drop The Candy... & Step Away From The Child!


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          How come you are anonymous when reporting another player? That's really not fair to talk bad about a player who worked hard in game and same time not show your face here. That's bad manners.

          And yes, I'm S1.Saga and not an alt of Noel


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            You have a nice face too Saga... Noel's alt is S11 Lamigne, not Saga. Noel was asked to allow all the Nations to participate on Saturdays. If all Nations can make it, it would be a blast. Besides, all can be taken back. Spending money, lack of sleep, can bring the worst in people. My 'Posts' are to help other players know where he is H5 4th Age as of June 20th 2020. No sense spending 5K Diamonds to be unable to play. I wish I knew things like this... Saga you're S1 48 million BT 98 million Kills. Well done! looks like you earned it... compared to 94 million BT 343 million kills is not. Again, if anyone is reading this, compare your stats before going to H5.
            Drop The Candy... & Step Away From The Child!


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              You do realize we spend our money and have been playing for over a yr? Were as you've most likely been playing for a few months at most? You will never get it!!