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  • Paragon Clash Information


    Apologize if this information has been posted somewhere on the Forums but did a search and could not find what I was looking for. My question is what is Paragon Clash and how are you able to enter/participate in it? I see an icon called "Merit Rank" with a countdown timer above it, saying "View the server's Personal Merit rankings for Paragon Clash." when hovering over the icon. Clicking the icon shows Personal Merit Rank of players and rewards. Also Nation and NPC cities in the world map are all protected, but in the message box there are system notifications of Nations that are fighting but not in our Server.

    Appreciate any information and thank you for your time and help.

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    Paragon is a separate server where the guilds go to fight every two weeks. There are multiple paragon servers at 3 levels so at least there is an attempt for it to be somewhat of an even playing field. The event lasts 12 hours so while it can be fun, it can also be an endurance contest of who is in the right time zone and who has to stay up all night. If you want to play, your guild should plan for it and people try to arrange their schedules to participate as much as possible. Even if you lose the merit gains can be staggering since you get to defend so much. One player with tons of troops can hold off an entire guild until the troops run out--and that can be many hours. If you do lose, you are not out, you just join the team that beat you and you can keep playing helping them until one guild controls the entire server or time runs out.


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      Thank you for the response. How do you enter this separate Paragon Clash server? Is there a button to press somewhere or do you select a different server when you log in or does it happen automatically? After completing subgoals and getting points thought we ranked No.11 for the Paragon Server. Did I miss something? Thanks.


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        You join automatically--indeed you can't refuse to join and you are locked out of the normal gameplay until your event is over. I have no idea under what circumstances you would not join. I'm guessing you might be too new to 4th Age?


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          Our server entered the Fourth Age around the middle of May 2020. Maybe at the end we did not qualify for any of the Paragon Clash servers, but that seems impossible because I assume we would have moved down to the Tyrant Server at least. Thanks for the response and hopefully the next time the Paragon Clash occurs we are able to join.