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City of Darkness -Saturdays 11am to 1pm - Nations Target - Time to Review who can Participate -

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  • City of Darkness -Saturdays 11am to 1pm - Nations Target - Time to Review who can Participate -

    Here is an example, based on one Server.

    4 Nations fought fiercely in 3rd Age, : Blue, Read, Yellow, Green... Players camp in various locations, to protect invasions. Set up a Troupe to overcome said barrier. Otherwise, go on... fight somewhere else for a while. Saturdays, Server is excited to enter the "Darkness" Tower. All can participate, what fun;what joy... took almost 3 hours (If you manage to get New Troupes in by 1pm, they get to fight on)
    A couple weeks later, 3rd Age Ends
    Welcome to 4th Age! Bigger Map, more to do. Now you will see 6 Nations: A full map will now have : Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Teal, Orange (Colors vary by the Server)
    Take Server H3 - Orange is Top Middle; and they own the entire map: Alt player takes the Nation to their left, which is Teal. Now this alt controls the left hand of map. Teal can now slide under the belly of City of Darkness; effectively blocking Red Nation for ever. (Bottom Left Foot). good tactic. Now Orange can focus bottom right. Now alts and players pay 5K Blue Diamonds to Transfer to Grey Nation (Bottom Right Foot) At this point, Grey is not concerned over Red,Teal,and Orange. Still with me? ... Now Green (Right Hand) is friends with Orange Vizier; like ping-pong... they take and give. Orange wont fight to win grey, bc they are orange. Red is cut off game for ever, and neither with Yellow (Top Right) People are forced to quit, or transfer into another Snake Pit.
    Hey, It's Saturday!!! Let get to the middle! ... Orange decides who goes... Friday Night, Orange prepare their troups, powerful alt in Teal can easily make a direct line to middle, Red is dead. Green makes a direct line to middle, as does Grey. Not Yellow, because its dead. That's 4 nations allowed to fight, in the Tower. After 3pm... Orange will take back everything taken, and thats how they function. Gratz
    Take Server H5 - Top middle Faction (Yellow) takes the entire top half of the map. Orange & Teal are on the left of Yellow, and Green on the right, don't get to do much. Only Yellow is really active; and punishes any orange,teal,green if they dare to try and play our game. Blue has been trying hard 7 days a week to keep yellow at Bay... The Yellow Vizier BT 800 Million luv's to bring out an alt to take middle Tower.
    Hey it's Saturday!!! Time to get to the middle! .... Yellow decides no one goes but Yellow. Yes, He's been asked, even begged... Can you for one day, allow all Nations a chance to get to the middle. You can take it all back... No.
    My question to the Dev Team... Will there ever be a day, find a way to allow all Nations fight to middle. Like give a Power Booster of sorts, as we try to get to middle, or Nerf the most powerful. You may not play daily like so many of us do. and we get that life is not fair... boo-hoo she killed me she's so strong, she must be cheating... None of that! It's Tactical to send a powerful alt to run a joining colored faction. Having to the power to control 2 colors is awesome; imagine owning 3-4 ect... so yeah... lol... no one can ever say its fair.
    Now, we are Nerfed badly with Update... It will take me some time to go through the changes in Battle Power... but thats another thread.

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    its already ingame......purchase a transfer ticket to that nation that suits your play style. If you look its there. Sadly, there are others who make alliances with other nations to not att each other but the lower nations. Seen it since day 1, shall we make that go away as well? Its not hard to see this is about Noel cause you once again added the reference of 800mil BR, all his alt's and we're in Yellow Nation so yea it's about Noel and his Alts..

    This is a pvp and pve game what do you expect? Somebody will be #1 and somebody has to be last but that's the nature of this game. Could I be a lot higher? Absolutely but i don't spend as much which I could. Now what i would be inclined for would be maybe certain lvls say 21-30 get there own watered down version once they enter, same for 31-40 and so on or make it nation specific but stop Attacking Noel and his Alts which I'm not!

    S1 Vapraak I'm not an alt been here over 1 yr and got my Banner to prove it
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      Transfer to a more friendly server, like Server: [S1]The Grand Haven.
      We all play well and competitively with each other.


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        They could add a tunnel for the 3 corners that come active during the city of darkness so that they can participate also, but hey its 2yr olds that r programming the game with so many problems and no solutions


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          There are 3 ways and 6 main locations in 4th age.....not everyone gets to COD, period!