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Time chain

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  • Time chain

    How do u move troops there so u can play in the new area?

  • #2
    Dismiss troops 0 go into time chain - create troops. Begin campaign


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      You need troops in your capitol and so far it's repetative clues ................eleves ride deers we ride armored horses in 3 cities a 40% buff to all out att which is only good for the quest not outside of the quest unless its broken, Finished the quest and got nothing as a reward..........really R2!!!!


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        ok thank u, i guess i was asleep i should have tried dismissing troops lol


        • #5
          Why tht long Countdown in Time Chain and not gain Merrit?

          tht would make it worth more playing it and also gives more statisfaction


          • #6
            impossible de passer le niv 17 a la chaine temporelle 5em ile inexistante .on est plusieurs a ĂȘtre dans ce cas merci de voir pour ce bug


            • #7
              impossible to pass level 17 in Time Chain


              • #8
                is there a way to get the new hero without time chain


                • #9
                  ciao qualcuno sa qualcosa sulla " war time " per fare awekwning ??????


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                    Originally posted by walter6 View Post
                    ciao qualcuno sa qualcosa sulla " war time " per fare awekwning ??????
                    Time War is a feature that will be released in a future version update.
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                      The time chain game really stinks. No merit. 2 hero chips for a long very long drawn out game. The rewards for each area do not pay for themselves so best to just stick to the critical path head strait for portals' The event is a troop loss and a food hog. Starting to see the hero outside of time chain wait on it they will give them away more often. Even giving away dark lord now outside COD.


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                        Our Time chain disappear