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[Event] The Third Age V7.7 Feedback Event!

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    1. Hell event entrance : No need a new icon for Hell event, it's already located in the usual Event
    2. Rebel camp: Lack of information how it works, seems like you can create an attack, but others can't join and therefore you're just booted after a certain amount of minutes
    3. jigsaw puzzle: Ok way to gain more ressources in game - However - It is too picky with how you place the pieces
    4. New hero: Looks great, but honestly - why always huge boobs on female heroes, why not some goodlooking male heroes?

    1.Modify the upper limit of fatigue : Lack of info max amount of troops
    2.Modify the Recruitment Fort: I guess is okay, haven't experienced a change tbh
    3.Modify the calculation formula of battlepower: confusing how lower quality heroes without equipment and lower level in everything can have more br than purple +2 ss hero when it comes to how they are listed when sending for an attack
    4.Modify Novice plot related function: didn't notice this

    The Grand Haven

    Btw any news about male heroes or is that idea cancelled ?


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      good addition


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        NIce Game, Would be easier if there is a guide on how to participate in rebel camp when i click on initiate assembly there is no troops showing up, And Some Events which can get you more Gems for Playing would be nice too... Few NPC shops where you can get some nice and limited collection of Equips is useful too. And the challenge scroll - where can we use it ?

        Username josephjeyaraj
        Server (S150) Dushedge Ruins


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          And Also Some more events to get Starup Medals or Recycling a Hero to get the Items spent on him when we find a better hero to play with will be Nice addons..

          Username josephjeyaraj

          Server (S150) Dushedge Ruins