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poll about Vampire Empire

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  • poll about Vampire Empire

    I started playing on vampire empire, only a few months ago, and I notice that little by little the server become empty.

    All recent players like me, can't longer evolve on this game, we are subjected to chain attacks that prevent us from progressing
    in the game , and even to do anything ... So, many players decided to quit the game.

    We can’t even talk on the world chat without being threatened by the biggest players?

    So to make the game playable for all, I submit this poll to the players.
    I hope that the developers will consider our requests.

    Which of the following changes would you like to see right now on Vampire Empire?
    limit the number of attacks that a player can experience to 5 per day
    limit the number of attacks that a player can launch to 5 per day (10 during the kill event)
    for a castle can attack another, there must be a level gap of maximum 9 between the two castles
    On farm attacks, troops must be able to return to the hospital as on a conventional attack
    the presence of moderators in game
    i don't want any change

  • #2
    That sums it up. Just this week i had two of the strongest players in my alliance quit the game because they're tired of it and can't progress anymore. If you get a big army to protect yourself and try to make it costly for attackers in the hope that will make them hesitate then you can't stack up food anymore. And unsurprisingly you'll get a 1.4M rally at the door every time there is a killing event.
    I don't like the idea of limiting the level of players you can attack. The most of accounts on our server are from people who already quit the game, people attack those players to complete their siege win quest or to farm some quick rss from their farms. It's a much better option than constantly attacking active players making them wanna quit too...
    Sometimes on our kingdom there are "hedgehog players" that have some 300.000 troops in their castle at level 14 and got kicked from their alliance for being offline for months. You can't rally a player lower than level 15 and only the very top players on our server can open them up in a 1v1 attack. It would be a waste to not make use of those millions of wood stone and ore they got from dollar packs and opened them, only to forget about the game a while after. So the attack level limitation will only be a hindrance to players.
    One way to solve this problem i consider a new system like stamina and action points, the lower the level of player you attack the more points you have to spend to attack it.

    It's a war game, i expect the developers thought everyone gonna spend big constantly to recover from battles but most players are free to play or even the ones who spend a little, it makes no real difference. We waste weeks to farm and to improve only to feed the high level players wood and stones. The truth is this, you can't progress. Only the crazy and the credit card holders will make it to level 30. We used to be the strongest guild before merging, the most active players on our server. Now we are about to disband and quit the game because people keep leaving.