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  • [Strategy] Guild Battle

    [Strategy]Guild Battle

    As a prominent castellan, will you feel lonely because you have no comrade-in-arms? You have the ambition to conquer the world, but you still need companions in battle. You are excel in strategy and tactics, but you can’t improve if you have no rivals. Now! These worries will all be gone! In Wartune Reborn, all you need is to set up a powerful guild!

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    Guild interface

    The winner takes it all while the loser gets nothing. The Guild Battle system definitely shows us the survival of the fittest.

    1. To Build a Guild

    For better communication among the guild members, Guild Chat channel is opened for all members to chat there. With the level up of your guild, your guild buildings will also upgrade. All guild members can enjoy those benefits from this.

    2. The Opening Time of Guild Battle
    a. Guild battle open time: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. These three rounds for one period.
    b. The open time for each round is: 20:00~21:00

    3. Guild Battle Rules:
    a. Every Sunday, top 8 Guild Strength Ranking guilds will be arranged randomly for 1V1 guild battles. The first round guild battle will begin on Monday.

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    b. Guild masters that join the guild battle shall add joined members. The maximum number of joined members is 50.
    c. In the first round, those four guilds which win the guild battle will go into next round. So will the defeated eight guilds.
    d. Guild battle ranking (1-8) will turn out after three rounds of competition (a week). And all guild members from these guilds will be rewarded bountifully!

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    Ward Tower

    4. How to win a Guild Battle
    a. Once players enter the guild battle, they will see their guild Ward Tower and four Mystery Towers in the middle of the battleground.
    b. Guild members can gain scores by occupying enemy Mystery Tower, fighting with the other guild’s members and by pushing down enemy Ward Tower. After one guild successfully occupy the Mystery Tower, the HP of Ward Tower will recover once in a while, and the guild will obtain certain scores.
    c. Within the required time, the guild that defeats the other’s Ward Tower wins the Guild Battle.
    d. If both Ward Towers are not conquered within the required time, the guild with higher scores will be the winner.

    e. If both guilds have the same score, the one with higher Guild Combat Lvl wins.

    5. Rewards for Guild Battle:
    a. Each round rewards:
    1) Honor and Medallion
    Players can use higher level honor equipment with higher honors. Medallion can be purchased in Arena Shop.
    2) The winning guild will get more rewards if they have spent less time in the guild battle. The losing guild will get more rewards if the battle time lasts longer.
    3) Target rewarded: Guild members who join the guild battle
    4) Rewards will be sent to players’ inventories after guild battles.
    b. Weekly rewards
    1) After guild battles of each week (four rounds), rewards will be sent according to guild battle rankings.
    2) Rewards are Soul Crystals, the top 3 guilds will additionally receive Beast Soul Stones. (Soul Crystals are used in soul engraving. Beast Soul Stones are used for increasing mount EXP.)
    3) Target rewarded: All guild members from the top 8 guilds.
    4) Rewards will be sent by Mail after guild battles of each week (three rounds?