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Server connection issue!!!!???

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  • Server connection issue!!!!???

    Server connection issue!!!!???

    This thing is getting insane, no no its getting out of control!!!
    This is the second day we are unable to connect to the game servers.
    Previous day we all missed 2 battlegrounds, world boss and some ppl missed class wars due to this server issue.
    We all are loosing our patience FIX IT OR DELETE WHOLE GAME OUT OF EXISTENCE!!!
    We really had enough of this and i believe im speaking in name of all wartune reborn players on R2 servers!!!
    Me, We, Us are being polite here and i can't guarantee for how long me and everyone else can be!!!

    Also in name of Us all players we expect compensation!!
    - gold
    - daru
    - honor
    - glory crystals
    - and etc

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    Why did u just copy/paste my thread????


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      Ag this is your problem now ......???????? The problem is that we loose everything and the only i care about is to fix this issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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        What???? Dude im just player as u, and everuone else!!!! How in the hell this is my problem???
        Please enlighten me!!!!!
        Reposting someone's post isnt gonna help solve the issue!!!!


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          Closing thread as duplicate. Please use the existing thread here: or the announcement in News and Events for further replies.
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