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Update on expected merges for s1-5 and s-10

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    I try to avoid the "I'm not happy, so shut it down" type of arguments.
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      Now how is it feels Memory Lane, I have watched my server mates quit game day by day because of operators, admins and Moderators every one did unfair on us players. This is what happens when operators smoke weed in work time. And I just realized my other 4 friend also quit while i was in WR for few days. its already too late to merge s1-5, Push it hard with this request we players will back you up. Keep forwarding the request for s1-5 merge till the Kick You or Merge s1-5. What ever happen I wont stop, And you guys dont merge before May 1st then i am taking this to youtube about how irresponsible is R2 Games Reborn operators and request players to stop Cashing in cause at the end of the night R2 Reborn back fire on your time and money.

      The Beast
      S5, MostWanted
      (We dont stop when we tired, We stop when get it done)


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        I think their script looks at separate accounts logging in as population count. I feel it should instead look at unique ip addresses. Currently many people in S3-5 have 1 -or MORE- additional accounts that they log in varying from daily, weekly, or occasionally. Some people have as many as 4 or 5 accounts "active" on there. It's just asinine. While this may seem harmless in essence, there is still only 1 player there. Making it difficult to build daily teams around.

        If I look at the high scores. I see well over 100 active players. but I have not seen more than 20-30 active players on the server. I'd bet S1 has a similar issue.

        Also, a little off topic... Is this one of the games that R2g plans to drop in the near future? If it is, this may all be in vain.


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          Cave thats something serious to think about it, if R2 dont rewrite code to HTML5 or apply any alternative way there will be no more Wartune and R2 games. And i am pretty sure if tech operators cant even merge S1-5 then how they gonna reprogram it to HTML5? Players need to stop cashing till January 2021.


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            hey all DREDD from server 1 i agree need merges and updates as you all know on s1 and 2 i havent been on and no im not on a dif server either once r2 gets head out of sand i will come back cash a little like did before if they dont and keep this way i wish you all luck


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              Originally posted by MemoryLane View Post
              I try to avoid the "I'm not happy, so shut it down" type of arguments.
              i was a big time player of reborn r2 has killed it following proficient city by no updates merges no east coast server


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                Well its prety much clear, r2 not going to rewrite codes to html5 and this game ends at dec 31 as flash ends. So every one recharge and give good money to r2 or Stop recharge and enjoy game freely. Either way r2 left this game to die. Mentors and moderators get paid by balen and bond balen so they always pick the side of boss. Now me playing Albion Online much better game and satisfying reward and when we compare with reborn, Wartune reborn is all about cash and pathetic customer service. Ticket system is a joke and forum is a public toilet. Dont waste time in this worst customer service game. There are far much better free to play game which data stored in our pc and just need internet to play, so it will run even after flash ends. How to ruin a good game? Let it launched by R2 games.