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Jewel Hunt, Fishing and God's Descent

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  • Jewel Hunt, Fishing and God's Descent

    Hello i have a question about these 3 Mini Games,

    Now when a new server pops up they get these 3 mini games once. But only God's Decent keep reshowing itself every month?.
    Where Jewel Hunt and Fishing do not. is it on purpose these 2 do not come around again or is there a different reason why those 2 are not coming back after showing just once. i play on S10. and i only saw them on the launch week of the server, yet god descent keeps coming back and the other two do not.
    Could one be so helpfull as to explain why this is?

    Best Regards,


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    Yes, pretty much everyone agrees. We *need* Jewel Hunt and Fishing back. permanently.