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Upgrades to the Game

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  • Upgrades to the Game

    Could we please get some upgrades to this game? It has beenover 2 years. That's not slow work! It's non-existent work! We need a way to earn mahra. Rune exchange. Mystery Shop. 4 man teams in arena, since all our other runs are 4 man. Doh. Ability to help others in tok. to name a few? Are you every planning to improve this game or just leave us hanging?

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    Yes, I just wanted to second everything said here. In this post and in several others here. These are the kinds of things that all players are talking about. We like this game and we love the nostalgia factor, that's why we're here, but at this point, after having been out for over 2 years, even the nostalgia is a little dated. To keep players invested and interested we need at least a little bit of an update. Not a lot but a little. And these are some of the things I hear from players that they want or need on a DAILY basis. I know there are only a few players posting on the forums but that's because most players barely even know they're here. Trust me, for everyone one person posting on these forums there's at least 100-500 players who feel EXACTLY as we do.

    We need a rune exchange, and a mount exchange. So many of us are just wasting vault space on runes and mounts that are useless to us. We need a better way to get mahra. We NEED fishing and Jewel Hunt *permanently* not just for short periods of time. Fishing is the best way to get temp vip cards for free to play players as well as a ton of other goodies, and Jewel hunt is the only way to get refine locks which everyone absolutely needs or else refining is almost pointless.

    Also for those of us who already have max exp and are approaching max in most other areas, there needs to be newer stuff for them to do. Otherwise they are going to get bored and stop playing. I strongly suggest updating at the very least to the marriage patch if not the Eudaemon patch. I wouldn't suggest anything after the Eud patch because we do still want to keep it nostalgic and euds should be enough to provide virtually everything I see players asking for on a regular basis.

    Most of us love this game and want to keep playing for a long time, many of us are happy to throw money at this game because we enjoy it so much, but if nothing is done to keep it new, interesting, and exciting for us, eventually we will get bored, disillussioned, or feel too ignored to keep playing.


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      Thank you for your appreciation and passion for the game! I will forward the request for new updates to be implemented.
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