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General Info for all asking for eudo

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  • General Info for all asking for eudo


    This is more of a general information post for all the people asking about eudo to be added, and why i think and im pretty sure they arent adding these features for quite some time to begin with. so lets get into it shall we

    By doing a little looking around and searching this Reborn is based on patch 2.46 of the standardized wartune. and we have the functions we do now as is.
    now if we wanna go all the way to the point of where they add eudamons. we have to get this game patched all the way to what was wartunes patch 4.0
    now you can see thats a fair distance to take. and likely wouldnt be done in one go anyway, but lets forgo that and say they would instantly put us to that patch to have that feature of eudos added.
    what else does this do to us, now this list will not be fully complete as i cant find all patch notes every where but a good list i have been able to and found the following things to be done aswell to our game that need to be considered do we want this or no.

    - class Advancement
    - 2 Astral slots. (adv astrals)
    - Sylph Gear
    - mount hoof refining
    - 2nd sylph evolve (orange quality and up need)
    - sylphs can go to red quality
    - adv talents
    - several new instances
    - few new character skills
    - astrals slot upgrading using money
    - adv guild skills and adv guild shop items
    - red lvl 80 gear with stat tempering

    and likely more stuff i cant pinpoint accurately but this is what i can find quickly using DolyGames videos and patch note reviews i can find online.
    now alot of this is just gonna say from my perspective one that started original wartune even before sylphs were in and whatnot so even older nostalgia.

    From here its my own opinion : i think its not good to go there at all. alot of this stuff will do is put the game back again to people playing alone. i think alot of how the game is is to indeed just play with people that you have and help eachother get up. and i know myself too this isnt always easy. i go days without doing some MPD or other stuff if i cant get the people together or the help of some. i know the server populations are low. i dont deny that, but i do think that throwing us up so many patches to get to a certain implemention isnt gonna do us any good and would impact the game more negatively in my eyes.

    not that this post isnt to say what you all want is bad or unwanted i can understand the asking for it... but i just wanted to inform on the subject a little to those who might not fully know what else would be implemented along with and give people an informed choice. and for my choice id say no to getting to the point of eudamons.

    feel free to post and respond ur opinion and how u feel about this. and have a decent discussion for us players views, and for the mods to see and know what things entail. and how best to approach something

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    The things you list here, and a few of the things that would come with it that you didn't mention (dimensions, archeology, marriage, tattoos) are literally all the things I hear people saying they want all the time. And patch 4.0 doesn't seem like a very big jump when normal WT is currently implementing patch 9.0. I respect your opinion, but I strongly disagree, and all of the players I talk to on a regular basis seem to disagree as well. It's a nostalgia game, but allt he things you listed are part of the nostalgia for many of us as well, many of them are even our favorite game components. It would also draw in more players as I know a lot of people who don't play it because they think it's TOO far behind. So this could help fill up our servers and bring in tons of new players and money for new servers as well. Not to mention giving those of us who have almost done everything there is to do, something to enjoy the game with and keep spending money for again.