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Need Afk battle in Attol Map

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  • Need Afk battle in Attol Map

    We need afk battle enable in map just like campaign and WB so lvl 80 players help us more easily.

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    they arent going to add this. it was also requested alot in wartune a few years back. and sure a few still beg for it now.

    not saying this wouldnt be a nice thing to have like the trading market in the Chinese servers of WT (Wartune not spelling it over and over) and was removed in the global release. due to reasons i dont remember.. and the following is the closest thing for you but at a risk and i dont condone it. for a few reasons are listed below..

    you have illegal programs. (not naming any) that is like a micro and it was move you and click randomly in fixxed spots on the screen and fight the sylphs.

    reasons i dont condone it is as follows.

    1. you could get your account banned. (worse case)
    2. you could have your account reset back to the point the program was detected or earlier.
    3. they could clear out your sylphs, sylph ess. gear Ect. as they feel is necessary..

    note that these programs are also agenst the ToC and other actions could be taken in response to using them.