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  • Request for Event


    i am here to post a request for a certain event how the development team or the owners of the game wish to implement is still up to them if they are willing to, but i will state a few option that could perhaps work or be somewhat plausible.

    but i wish for an event to show up that would alow players who dont spend or only spend to buy vip. to earn divinity shards, in order to evolve Hades and Apollo. right now the only way to evolve them is to spend large amounts of money on either the Tree. or when the balen lode shows up spend 2000 balens on 30 shards there.
    my request is to have some kind of event show up perhaps once a month that allows people to earn maybe 10-20 divinity shards there to make it plausible for all to evolve Hades and Apollo.
    or perhaps maybe add the divinity shards along inside the Legendary Sylph Shard exchange for perhaps a trade of 10 for 10? this would allow everyone to slowly make some progress towards making either those 2 sylph evolve able if not there would be in all honesty no reason for free players or low spenders to use Hades or Apollo as they would eventually be outshone by the other sylphs who are evolve able for all.

    anyway this is my request if others feel the same let it be know or perhaps share your idea of an event here to not only let them see this but also have an idea of how people would like to see such an event be implemented.

    thank you for your time