For recent R2 login issues, please log in through the website starting with "https": In addition, the bookmark of the saved URL may still contain the word "http", please change it to "https". If this does not work for you, please clear the cache and cookies to complete the most recent update, or try again with another browser. Thank you.
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  • Grimoire Pg :3 Amazingly Helpful Threads

    Understand where everyone is coming from on connection issues, sometimes I get them as well, these are guides that have helped me and others.
    Before trying the dns changing stuff please remember might need to unplug modem and get it to reset&re associate connection(unplug and wait 10-30 seconds and re power up), sometimes doing this on its own can help without changes and might need to do it after the changes so they take effect. please remember your default data to return to normal as well if changing dns etc doesn't work. - usually my modem shuts down on its own to reget dns data when those update every bit.

    If clear cookies with a alternative program please ensure its running in administrator mode so can delete as many files as it can as sometimes it wont be allowed to do the work it needs and will say its all clear when not. *please check clearing flash properly section if still have issues as some files linger even with cleaners in admin mode*

    Also if clear cookies this can potentially make things harder, if have cleared them once do not try again unless something goes very wrong or dns update change etc. basically once load after clear cookies let it stay on the stuck loading or black screen for a little bit so your connection can download what it can if its saying stuff is transferring, then reload after a minute or so depending on connection speeds. hope these guides help- they are not mine just gathering data so can find easier. my little book of magic- usually in real life they are formed by friends and family but that's a totally different topic- this is for bringing out the magic of the game more so we can get back to enjoying things asap- if have any other issues feel free to contact us, please do not publically post your IP address, you can pm us and we will keep your data private as we are under oath and can already see your IP from posts etc

    [In-Depth Guide]Fixes for Adobe Flash Player issues. (Chrome Browser/Windows OS)

    Fixing the Big Freeze... 'Guide To Increased Browser Performance'

    [Guide] Things To Try If You Cannot Connect/Log In made by Alexmancer

    guide to fixing some lag issues and connectivity issues- little more in depth then others if have hard time with other threads listed here

    Fix for the LOGIN problems (UNOFICIAL)

    *record results at this stage when trying again*
    try again with google dns and changing the below settings

    Possible Login Solution - DNS Changer

    Are you Lagging? Maybe this can help you out!!

    [Guide] Browser Setup Guide (Also known as anti-lag precautions)

    Properly setting up flash&Clear Hidden Cookies - reason I say this is because session cookies etc can stick around even after clearing sometimes and need to nix them since will cause conflicts with loading the games new ones sometimes( i get this with crystal saga a lot as says illegal login etc by reloading in same window after disconnect etc since they contain timestamps and when stopped connections)- could also try loading the game in a new browser tab /window to help with that

    Fix with font sizes,lags and other issues on chrome; Started by Sidoh might help with the mini clients of the games!

    Kongregate Screen size fix

    How to Use the Traceroute Command
    Originally posted by CafeAuLait View Post
    Players have been reporting issues with trying to log in to any game and some of the issues include black screens, links not loading / redirecting and other issues

    Will affected players only, post the following information ( use this link

    We need your character name, IP, location, ISP, browser and the server you are trying to access... the info collected, will be used to help isolate where the issues may lay and help resolve the issues faster...

    Thank you for your help.

    Another tip if you crash a lot would be to ensure your virtual Ram settings are set to proper efficiency, most of the time the default setting will cause you to run low on virtual space etc until it finds the proper amount needed for what your doing. so if you set it smartly at the highest it can go that you want&optimal for your system, your system will perform a lot better, less disconnects and lag and crashes = win win- please adjust back to normal if have more issues since telling it to do the max possible can run a lot of wear on your system, suggesting these changes because the system has to crash a bit and reboot to figure out its new max sometimes when set to auto
    HOT TIP: To stop your CPU from constantly changing the paging file, set the initial and maximum size to the same value. For example, 500 and 500. The value should be at least 1.5 times more than your physical RAM. If your computer has 512MB of RAM increase the virtual memory paging file to 1.5*512= 768 (should also note if using virtual memory and disk space memory as ram to keep that amount and a little more always free on your hard drive or else will cause issues as well for not having space/drive being full as will attempt to use the max possible it was set at and potentially a little more if a intensive event etc, I use a external drive to compensate sometimes with extra ram

    if have trouble with the math part I can give a link to a awesome math site
    this might help calculate potential game algorithms as well with this math (2x +3y= #'s* this calculation might need more adjusting depending on what stats comparing) exchange the 2 and the 3 with the data (like comparing str to defense and the end = as the # that came out/end damage or etc) we can't give out the exact algorithms on those things since not allowed, can make a educated guess but I wouldn't suggest trying to figure out the exact ones or telling people about them if do find out- some features make it harder to figure out as well since doesn't show the stats on char screen*like soul in crystal saga has skills that don't show in char pg view only for the person that has them to avoid this happening and gaining a unfair advantage on them or over the system, if someone has full soul and there is a guide to the stats though the info is avail in those threads to see what stats they probably have. usually there is still a degree of randomness to the calculations*how we get lucky and crits and lucky crits etc*. the math formula is something learned in high school and also practiced on another game's puzzle chests to figure out how many farm animals there are by knowing just a few details about them, what works in one game might not work in another. personally i'm out of practice and can't give that well of guesses so I just throw myself at a mob or player to get generally a idea that way- lots easier then doing bunch math lol

    More links below

    Helpful guides for players around the world to get crystal
    [Guide]Buy Crystals with UGC in the Philippines

    [Guide] Buy UGC and Mobius epoints at

    [GUIDE] How to buy crystals and recharge it for Indonesian player

    [Guide] How to use UGC change

    [Guide] Get/Buy VIP Crystals from the Philippines

    Free Easy Crystals [Guide]




    if having issues still or not sure how to do these things but can take a video/pictures of the situation having please send us the data you can and we would be more then happy to help!

    Click image for larger version

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    Manu Forti

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    Great Guide gamma
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      Great guide


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        please find me:
        Server:Blackrock gorge
        Class:Blood priest(avy9),Hybrid ice mage(Angelmage)


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          Originally posted by lDemonMirajanel View Post
          Great Guide gamma
          Originally posted by issa_2 View Post
          Great guide
          Appreciate the compliment! wouldn't of been able to do it with out the great input from the community though, so keep it up everyone!
          Manu Forti


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            Yo dawg. We heard you like guides. So we made a guide of guide so we can guide you while we guide!


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              Originally posted by ZoruaValentine View Post
              Yo dawg. We heard you like guides. So we made a guide of guide so we can guide you while we guide!
              , ya search function can be brutal. there are a few games for R2 now as well with guides coming up each day or so. was bad when i first made this guide, even worse now.
              quote below shows even other players notice it.

              Originally posted by R24656887 View Post
              It would be better if you make this thread stickied.

              Cause it'd be pointless if it got bumped into oblivion in mere days given how crowdy the thread creations here
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                My guide isn't up there. Nvm then o-o
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                  Originally posted by ShiroiTsubasa View Post
                  My guide isn't up there. Nvm then o-o
                  stalked your posts, found your guide and included it. still looking for links to some guides- if see any I missed or would like to contribute feel free to post with content
                  Manu Forti


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                    Wow, it had to be so hard to do this thread...Great job.
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                      great guide. thanks...heheh


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                        What if the game is blocked by your ISP?
                        I tried basically if not everything in your(incase you wanna know)
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                          need a game to play

                          i was an old player from yitien (before they get modified home page) about 3 years ago

                          i want a new start (most of the game except dragon pal etc..) look alike in backgroung and have no good starter guide to read so which game should i choose . so help

                          don't want high graphics game becuz my internet is a bit slow