If you lost someone that who is closed to your heart how will you feel that you lost something that is very important in your heart others just dont want to lose them they will give all of there strenght just to save the one that they love or those people who are closed to there hearts we do not know what will you become if you lost someone you just berserk,rage and out of control of yourself to avenge the death of those whom you love but me I don't want to take revenge but if he do more bring sadness,loneliness and destruction we cannot allow him just do to anything while we are sitting here I will do anything just to save my family,friends,best friends,relatives and those people who are closed to my heart and those people who never stop supporting me I won't give up that easily because if I let myself overcome with anger I realized those people that when I saw them smiled it will not come back again so even the enemy want's you to become a monster try to concentrate that no one will ruin your life even those people who becomed my friends and closed relatives I lost there trust because I did something bad like ruin there life if those people who I hurt all I want is.....that I'm sorry for what I did to you if you still had an anger from me I will accept it because its my fault that I ruin your life so if people are listening to this....please pass it to others to read this^_^

I'm very thankful for those people who never stop loving,supporting and and just becoming friends with me^_^