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Pokemon !

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  • Pokemon !

    i would so LUVE THIS as anime !! <3 <3 ( cant be the only one .. or?) and lol X'D
    if i was running on ice i would freaking slip and die X'D and OMFG N !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    [ATTACH=CONFIG]40703[/ATTACH] pikachu <3


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      deletethisdeletethisdeletethis (this post not this thread)
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      Originally posted by **aH2o138Mfg4J**
      This is how I got my name.
      **=All my friends have this in their names.
      a=First letter of alphabet.
      H2o=Chemical formula for water.
      138=13 is bad Luck 8 is how old my son was when I created this account.
      M=Master. Seems like another way to say boss.
      fg=Food, because we need it to live. Guardian, they protect you.
      4J=4 is how old my daughter is when I created this account. J is the first letter of my last name.
      **=All of my friends have this in their names.
      Yes, you can call me anything.


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        o.o why D: Its pokemon xD


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          Ok, holy ****. Pokemon is finally maturing! Although it might just be that I've been watching crappy American Pokemon Anime, but still! This almost resembles a more mature fighting style in the trainers and it almost made me scream with joy. This tugs at the very strings of my childhood! I'd love this! And finally, Ash is out of the picture, he was annoying.
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            lol you know they r making a new pokemon show in oct ash is gonna be more annoying xD in the show and sweet new pokemon yay xD