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Can't submit any tickets!

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  • Can't submit any tickets!

    Every time I try to submit a ticket, I'm told I've input the captcha wrongly, but this is FALSE. I R2Games (not forum) support to contact me, please. Really, I'd just like my account deleted because your dodgy security leaked my email to spammers. Nice MEHWAREZ you're running there. END OF LINE

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    There's no way for support to contact you directly. They can assist with removing your personal information from the account which renders the account permanently disabled, but they need to verify information which is provided when you submit a ticket.

    Are you filling out all of the fields at the top of the ticket form at

    I know it doesn't have a star by the game, character, and server but sometimes the captcha issue happens when you don't. If you don't have a character on a game, or remember where any characters are on a game, the easiest game to populate that field with is Game of Thrones, you just need to enter and leave, and the ticket form will fill in your name when you select the game in the list.

    If you continue to experience issues, please let us know.
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