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  • Soda!

    I was a little bored, and knowing that I love and drink Soda (Soft/Fizzy drinks) every day, and I know quite a few things about them, I thought I would share my opinion on some of the popular drinks out there, right now.

    So to begin with, I'm going to review "Pepsi" and compare it to "Coca Cola"

    Pepsi is a really famous drink, which is sold nearly all around the world.
    Many people buy it, as an alternative to Coca Cola (Or some other strange reasons, because we all know that Coke rules!)

    I honestly, love Pepsi, but would prefer Coca Cola, because it seems like the Coke has more fizz (Bubbles or whatever you'd like to call it)
    I'm used to having Coke, and Pepsi is just an alternative whenever I'm out of Coke.

    Here comes the green lord!
    Master of all soda's! (At least in my opinion!)
    Sprite has been by far the best soft drink I've EVER tasted, and for that reason, I consume Sprite, nearly every single day.
    Sprite was introduced in 1961.

    This drink has TOO many bubbles, and the fizz is really strong, but once you get used to it, it's absolutely COOL!
    Again, Sprite is available nearly all around the world.

    Ok, now this drink, Cherryade is by far the most annoying drink I've ever tried.
    The people who make this over doze on sugar and the fizz is low. Once you've left it open for 30-40 minutes, it's disgusting.
    It's basically Cherry Lemonade, hence it's name (Cherryade)

    I'm not sure if this drink is available everywhere, but I've seen it in the United Kingdom.

    This is all guy's, I didn't want to make this thread a long one, just something for you to read.
    Please, comment below (If you wish) your favorite drink(s) and why you like them!

    Shoutout to: Wallachia S3. Zaky Uchiha S3. Ether S1. Guild ForceD S3. Guild INDONESIA S3, and of-course everyone else.
    The VET's also! For helping out in-game!
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    And now you see what kind of Mod/GM we get down there at Blade Hunter.

    >:{ R2 should compensate me for not mopping the floor with Predator's face.

    (J/k, I like him, we are friends. <3 )
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