It was a gloomy afternoon, in the spine chilling forest.
Predator knew that he had to complete this one last quest, to retrieve 1,000,000 gold from the town's mayor.
It was all a test, trialing his strength, courage, and devotion towards Cloudborne Village... Where he grew up and became an honored fighter.

Predator set foot on the mucky terrain. Rain pounded and lashed against his scarred face in torrents.
His blade, sharpened to the max... So powerful that it appeared to be glowing with energy...
He was towing his weapons across the wet surface, when suddenly the sky turned black and the atmosphere rotated from eerie, to hellish.

He began to dart through the forest, dodging fallen tree's... Waiting for the opposition to emerge from somewhere.
His grip increasing as he went deeper, and deeper into the core of the forest.
Predator began to lose pace as he was in desperate need of stamina.

It came to the point where he briskly stopped, gasping for air. Still clenching his fists with a blade in each hand, Predator couldn't afford to let his guard down. Not this time.

To his surprise what looked like a time portal sizzled and arose from the mud, it was purple in color and had a blue border surrounding it.
Predator got into attack position, still breathing heavily.

What the hell is this...?
he murmured under his breath, still inhaling large amounts of oxygen.

Out of that portal, what looked like an armored peachy colored leg, slowly made an appearance. It was luxurious diamond armor, crafted with the highest quality materials, by the finest blacksmith in town, Vanessa.

I can never beat this... This over powered freak!
he screeched in his head, resulting in a nasty frown, painted on his face.

The figure was now fully exposed into the darkness of the forest.
It was a tall man, with blond hair, which appeared to have some sort of angel wings, implanted on his back.

The man had a serious expression on his face.

"Don't worry. I'm not here to challenge you. I have been sent by the gods to assist you in this onerous task, oh and you can call me, Wallachia"
he demanded

"What? Who are you? How did you teleport? Are you here from the future?"
Predator questioned Wallachia

"No. I'm simply more advanced, and I know more progressive techniques, such as teleportation... You'll learn some day"
Wallachia replied

Predator envied Wallachia, and he knew it, by the way he was hypnotized by his excellent gear.

They faced the open forest in unison, and can now hear the squeals of orcs and rattlings.