OSHA or occupational safety and health administrations provide numerous courses to train the workers of various industries and enhance their knowledge. The courses are OSHA outreach training, Hazwoper, MSHA Part 46, environmental courses, construction courses and general industry courses. Environmental courses include certified environmental specialist, mold inspector certification, EPA and environmental safety, these courses create awareness on environment and pollution. It motivates industries to dispose their waste without polluting the environment and atmosphere. There is also hazardous materials and waste course that provides information on the disposal of hazardous waste materials. There are also courses for supervisors and foremen on the roles they play in the industry. It enhances their knowledge on OSHA standards. These courses recognise health and safety hazards and prevent them. These training courses provide workers with training on safety at their specific work site. These courses guarantee safety at work. Outreach training programs have trainers conducting classes to educate workers on safety practices. There are training courses, educational programs and training materials provided by OSHA directorate of training and education. The outreach program is useful and it informs the workers on the hazards at work. All osha courses are beneficial, they are intended to enrich the knowledge of workers. OSHA courses adhere to OSHA standards, they improve the working conditions of the workers. All the workers in any organisation should be trained with OSHA, these organisations become a model among other organisations. These courses by OSHA are popular around the world.