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Ticket system update has ended

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  • [Announcement] Ticket system update has ended

    In order to better help players answer game questions and provide better customer service, we will update the ticket system at 2020/01/13 14:30 (GMT + 8).
    The entire update process takes approximately 30-60 minutes, but could be longer. During the update process, the "create ticket" feature may be affected. We will complete the update as soon as possible.

    Thank you for supporting us.

    Update: Maintenance has ended. Thank you for your patience.

  • #2
    si okay


    • #3
      But ticket still not responding yet


      • #4
        loading bars are super super slow now and still not fix cant play now


        • #5
          Ah so that is why i never got a response on ticket neither can i find anymore the place to file a ticket!!!!!! great job in making it impossible for gamerocks players to file ticket (or to hide it so good that it is almost impossible to find unless ya get lucky)
          Platform: Former Kabam/wonderhill/gamerocks now temporarily R2(we hope)
          Server : S122 US-East
          Guild : Fenix
          Class : Mage
          IGN : Theonlyghost


          • #6
            120 boss event resets or leaves area,have a guild .group been trying to kill ares been trying for 5 days same thing over and / server: 25


            • #7
              "How do I get the gifts that meda r2game for the games"


              • #8

                I'm not able to get level items on the site when you increase the level on the site, you get intense in the game you want to put the serial number on and you didn't get it acc: llDark game: dragon pals serves: 176