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Forum Moderators Application Thread V2.0

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  • Informações básicas
    Sobre R2111224817
    biografiaEditar valor ♥ ♥ UltraShoK
    LocalizaçãoEditar valor Mateus Leme
    Membro 27/07/2015
    Gosto muito de divertir nas minhas horas de lazer Shadowbound nada reclamar ao contrario sou bem atendido ,antes de acabar aqui no Brasil
    Tenho 25 anos e queria muito poder ajuda com a minha capacidade aqui fórum em que eu poder ajudar e isso ......
    Um ótimo dia a Todos......
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    • Know I don't have chance but well let us give it a try , I am Anas I play Crystal saga from 5 years well , going to give help , If I can : )


      • Hello , I want be forum moderator,
        I play league of angels
        IGN :ShAdOw
        Server : ua88 (333)


        • Definitely interested.
          I play League of Angels II
          Player name TiaDalma
          Age 38
          Speaks English only


          • Hello I would like to be a Moderator.
            Currently playing DawnBreaker
            English speaking
            Well over the age of 18
            Est time zone
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            • hi it's me shadowfangds been waiting for a chance to do some good. please let me know how I can get started please?
              I'm available usually work days during hours of 12:00am-12pm depending on if I feel like staying up I may even do a whole day up like on the weekends mainly on friday to Saturday. and thank you again


              • I would like to apply to be a moderator. I'm currently playing Dawnbreaker Online s1 all the time. I have been a guild master in various other games and was a moderator on another platform, as well as a guild master and assistant guild master of top guilds there. I have some skill in HTML, HTML5, and CSS. My timezone is PST but I prefer to play EST timezones as it works better with my real life. I am 19 years old, female, a voice of the LGTB community and don't tolerate bullying under any circumstances. I work with children so my patience threshold is pretty high, unruly angry gamers is nothing compared to that. I am very interested in making the forums a better place if you will have me.


                • I am 36 years old on the East Coast but with a flexible schedule (can easily manage, east coast, west coast or oceanic servers). I've played Wartune and LoA for many years and dabbled here and there with most of R2's games. I've also been playing LoAII through Gtarcade since it launched, so I'm very familiar with that game.


                  • It's been a while since I've dropped a reminder in this thread.

                    Please note the 5 things we are looking for outlined in the first post of this thread. These 5 things are what gets a contact about proceeding with the application process.

                    The first point on that list, and the most important, says "A history of being active on the forums". What this means is, if you have one post, low posts, or your last post was weeks ago or longer, then you do not meet the first requirement and you will not be contacted about your application.

                    Please also keep in mind that if actively posting on the forum is not your thing but you still want to be a helpful member of the community, most games have an active mentor program you may apply for, by following the appropriate application thread in the appropriate News & Events section of the forum for the game you play.
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                    Some inboxes are broken, including mine. Please don't send me private messages at this time.

                    Rules of the Forum are found here.

                    R2Games Ticket System for browser games:


                    • League Of Angels EST timezone age 29


                      • my name is david and i am 36 and i play dawnbrake and my ign is david and im a lvl 40 and my br is 63036 searve i play on is
                        (s2) chaos palace and i like helping other people and i work well with other people you can email me at [removed]
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                        • Hi I'm Louie and interested of being moderator and i play Crystal Saga and active and I'm willing to help and I love this game and I'm 20 years old.
                          and always helping to the lower level if they don't know and that what i want to be a moderator to help and to serve.

                          I'm interested to be a moderator.
                          Last edited by lord911; 04-27-2017, 04:14 AM.