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    sorry but i think that the time should be changed back to an east coast server time and not west coast server time and first off why in world did you all do that in the first place all east coast servers merge with there own servers not merge an east coast server with a west so be so kind as ti change the time
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    I agree. This isn't fair. There are move of us on S18 then there are on S16. Considering that server is dead and there is only ONE west coast server. They should be on OUR time zone.


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      Hi. My server group has a serious problem.
      S16 was merged from west coast to an east coast server.
      There time zone transferred over to my servers time zone.
      Making my east coast time change to west coast.
      If you look at my screenshot you can see that the west coast is completely gone from the server lists to play on and that is NOW apart of the East Coast server group.
      This isn't okay. Can you please fix this?!


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        Edit: We will report the time issue.
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          oh ok sorry