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Elite level now requires level 150

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  • Elite level now requires level 150

    Please fix it.
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    *** up update !

    Exp bar for elite level is ***** up ! We cant see the exp bar for normal exp anymore nor uncheck the elite exp bar at the option until level 150 welldone ****** up the system r2!
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      Originally posted by R23891941 View Post
      Please fix it.
      The level requirement is to access the Elite tab. It has been reported, but for now, you can rely on the EXP bar displayed in your ‘Character’ interface.
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        Im told level cap does say 120 but when u reach level 120 u get a quest to add more levels, how someone managed to know this is obviously suspicious leveling up 20 levels in a couple hours, but anyway yes from what ive herd the level cap is indeed 150 you just need quests to get extra levels.
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          And again, the switching of the normal exp bar is missing because they have to have reached 150 ....
          because I do not need them anymore if 150


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            The devs would not oblige the idea of lowering the Elite access level even after explaining that that is where the exp gauge setting is located. We will continue trying to convey the issue, but for now, I wouldn’t expect any changes until further notice.