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    S28 also can not enter character hide somewhere in the loading screen from Sg to Void
    I tried with new toon is quite normal with the dial
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    Did you try with another browser or clearing the cache? If you are using the client this is quite common to happen.


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      thx supporter team cant close today i m try again,and jump in
      no use crhome and yes browser history and cache I have deleted, client have only used 1 time a very long time ago and never again that is even worse than browsers
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        I have tested S28 and did not encounter any loading issues. If you are still having problems, you can try the following to see if it gets you through:

        ~ Clear your browser history, cache, and temporary files
        ~ Use different browsers
        ~ Close any unnecessary tabs/windows
        ~ Restart your browser session, computer, and Internet source
        ~ Use wired connection instead of wifi
        ~ Use a proxy
        ~ Manually change your DNS/IP address
        ~ Contact your ISP