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    The events for CS2 aren't working. The coding for the eggshells is still listed as CS1 so some of the egg shells spawn on top of hedges and other places where you can't collect them like underneath NPC's. The blessed bath event isn't working in general. You can sit in there 30 minutes and you still won't obtain a chocolate.

    Also, where are the event patch notes on the forums?

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    Thank you for taking the time to notify us of these event issues. We will have the issues forwarded immediately.
    If your question wasn't answered, and you are still needing assistance, send a ticket here.


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      Dropping a screen shot of the event in question.
      Blessed Bath is indeed not working as intended for the event
      MsVermillion [(s18)]


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        I have asked the team for updated patch notes.

        This week’s patch notes has been posted:
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          same exact bugs as last year in this event they refused to fix last year so dont count on them fixing it, and if they do it will be too late to finish the event by then anyway, so thats R2 for ya a whole year to fix this simple coding error and they didnt give a damn.
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            All of the events are messed up. If you click for the chocolate rewards for the eggs the NPC will tell you it's 15 for yellow, 25 for pink, and 35 for Red, but when you click to use the chocolates to get an egg it tells you 20, 40, and 60 chocolates are needed for the eggs to be obtained.


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              Maybe i remember 3 events working, rest were all bugged such as non working code and more, but rewards are really a waste of time, mut, hw, who cares.