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    New Server First Recharge

    Duration: Permanent
    Server: All Servers
    Level Requirement: None

    Description: Get a New Server 1st Recharge Pack If your very first recharge is $ 4.99 or above.

    New Server 1st Recharge Pack
    Dragon Boxer x1
    Heroic Wings x10
    60+:Mount Upgrade Tokens x10
    Super Title Shards x10
    Black Dragon Coins x5
    Click image for larger version

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    New Server Login Bonus

    Server: All Servers
    Level Requirement: 20+

    1. The First Day:
    1 Hour AFK Cards (Bound) x5, 2x EXP Tokens (Bound) x5, 50 Coupons

    2. The Second Day:
    Heroic Wings (Bound) x10, Ethereal Wings (Bound) x5

    3. The Third Day:
    Genbu (3 days) (Bound) x1, Mount Upgrade Tokens (Bound) x10, Greater Mount Upgrade Tokens (Bound) x5

    4. The Fourth Day:
    2x Pet EXP Tokens (Bound) x2, Morph Crystals (Bound) x5, Training Potions (Bound) x2

    5. The Fifth Day:
    Ethereal Wings(Bound) x2, Pack Expander (Bound) x1, Moderate Enchantment Crystals (Bound) x3

    6. The Sixth Day:
    Greater Mount Upgrade Token(Bound) x2, Scratched Gem Coupons (Bound) x5, Magic Essences (Bound) x2

    7. The Seventh Day:
    Super Title Shards (Bound) x5, 1 Flower (Bound) x10, White Tiger (3 days) (Bound) x1

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    Sounds pretty decent. Cant wait


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      when it comes to the new server


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        there ya go new server :P


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          I did not understand


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            So let me get this right. This topic was bumped to top again, since the MUTs in the first recharge pack were changed to be only for lvl 60+? Which isn't even the case, you still get the MUTs no matter what level you do your first recharge at, lol. #30 Nor was the Bone Dragon pic even changed xddd
            Last edited by alt1; 10-17-2016, 12:26 PM. Reason: More brief specification


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              i ask?

              when the server start???? what time and date??? thank you


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                Date and time of the last new server to launch can be found here:

                If/when there is another new server, you will learn the date and time when it is posted here:
                Rules of the Forum are found here.

                R2Games Ticket System for browser games:
                Mobile game Ticket System is accessed through the in-app support link.

                For additional assistance with a ticket, please provide a moderator with your ingame name, server, and game.