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  • Merge servers and stop making new ones

    I do not know what is the meaning of R2, but as I see it and more than once could get noticed, they open new servers and let them die until only threatens to shutdown.
    If that is not the case why they do not merge s2,3,4, later if s7 comes also s5 die and always in these steps continue it will open new sever the penultimate die with the time,
    As it has been in recent times.
    So please explain why they do not want to enter the often-led together wish,
    S1 is unfortunately due to the many fraudulent messages question the here jemal a merge comes with others. Is still well-populated.
    But what about now with dead severs we should now be closed ?? once again

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    From the article here:
    Server merge

    What information is considered in a server merge?

    When reviewing a potential server merge, there are many factors to consider including, but not limited to:

    -Total server population

    -Daily active users

    -Server age

    -Collective and individual character strength



    No one factor is more important than the other, so a multitude of factors must point towards a merge rather than a single factor.

    We DO NOT merge servers from one publisher with another publisher's servers. EX: If an R2Games server is ready for a merge, it will ONLY be merged with another R2Games server: these servers won't be merged with Armor, Kabam, Kongregate, or another publishers' servers.

    When will a server merge take place?

    Each factor is important to consider when contemplating a merge. If daily population is low, but there are no other servers in that timezone ready for a merge, a merge may have to wait. If a server has a low daily population, there are other servers in the timezone ready for a merge, server age is similar, and character strength is consistent on both servers, a server merge is very likely.

    What will players get during a merge?

    Typically accompanying a merge, compensation and/or merge-specific events will be released. These are intended to compensate for the server downtime and will help players power up against new enemies. These can be found in the News and Events section of the game forum.

    Along with merge-specific rewards, each server will see a revitalization of activity, a booming population, and an abundance of players to play with. This means new friends, higher guild population, and better competition. No one likes a dead server, so server merges really help the player!

    Can a player request a server merge?

    Server merge requests are generally not considered. In very rare cases requests have been used to produce a merge, but these are in extreme circumstances. There are so many factors that go into considering a server merge that we must consider the overall health of the game above a single server.
    Thank you all for your patience with the new forum.

    Ask a mod if you have any questions about how things work.


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      i totally agreee... u guys make new servers all the time while the rest isnt even active, my server s3 is dead like a grave.
      i do world boss alone LOL! and iob almost alone. MAINLY CUZ YOU GUYS NEVER OPEN NEW PATCHES! its boring for ppl to do the same thing month after month.
      you guys rly dont know anything about your own game it seems. nither you dont listen to players. we have asked many times for merge and new events..
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        I'm quite confused. You want merges because the population is low, but you want new servers which reduces the population on existing servers.

        Regardless, while I can forward suggestions regarding new servers and merges, though I don't know what actually happens to those suggestions, it's a different department that decides both, and they decide based on actual numbers rather than just who feels like or are able to participate in events.
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        Thank you all for your patience with the new forum.

        Ask a mod if you have any questions about how things work.


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          i ment new events not servers, you guys have the same events over and over, you follow cs1.
          like we have been 80 forever now, wheres rb? tenents? beast soul? sperion etc...
          we need more stuff to do simply.
          also ya go check numbers for server 3. only "population" there is 10000000 bots of MALLMMO.


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            Originally posted by MemoryLane View Post
            guess we cant based the server merged on that pattern. since you cant control the bots. S2 is already dead too, bots only make them live but if you gonna count the real players i can count it with my fingers. So, if possible please merge us with others or release new system its quite boring when server is like grave. just put S1 on exception list you gonna make the whole cs2 shutdown if you merge it with other servers. just saying.


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              i can count s3 on my fingers too. like 3 im not far away from quitting myself so boring no1 to talk to no1 to do stuff with..


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                I also do not understand why s6 open 1 or maybe 2 in forum called please new server no week had it was s6 was open
                There is only one reason why is always called new server
                Because people do not cope with other people again and again argue and others cry,
                nobody to the idea comes after admit always own stubbing want.
                And new hope the struggling pate not also would follow.
                Have seen it again and again (s1 without words To explain) s3 s4 always the same actor

                Total server population
                How to choose? Also no longer playing ppl.

                Daily active users
                Delete 200 to 300+ MALL toons, they can then only count on the hands how much really still play

                Collective and individual character strength
                Is relatively low frag dg was not solved the problem which is still preferred for bm even then droprate in all dg much too small to be overpowered with any


                Timezone:Which are all server-like zone (ST)
                Publisher:Since it is not the real cs2 (real is in 3D) it can only be a self-produced here

                My opinion but if the continue also R2 sturrk head as strikers want to continue as before
                ok then it should be just what should be, then belongs the dead server just the few players still exist


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                  Originally posted by stinetrann View Post
                  you guys rly dont know anything about your own game it seems. nither you dont listen to players. we have asked many times for merge and new events..
                  This completely. We as players of the game feel completely ignored by devs at this point. They keep throwing out the same things and don't listen to the community at all. That's not a successful way to run a game. It takes forever for problems to be fixed. No new events. Rarely do we get new features. Money making opportunities (opening new servers) seems to be the only thing they are focused on. What reason do we have to keep playing when we are perpetually ignored?


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                    very true... every1 shud quit and find a new platform. devs here dont care about us at all.


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                      Merge server pls

                      S5 is a ghost town..pls merge the server pls..maybe Merge S1 to S5 =D


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                        S1 is overrun with fraudsters, cheaters, buglists, and other misconductors will not happen, if then rather s2-7 merge


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                          Originally posted by Prophed View Post
                          S1 is overrun with fraudsters, cheaters, buglists, and other misconductors will not happen, if then rather s2-7 merge
                          don't know why they're refusing to do a merge. it would just create competition and cause more spending. it doesn't make sense. people are leaving and r2 seems to be showing them the way.


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                            Perhaps because live with experience could have broken over fraud player server1.und really s1 is so full compared to other server that no merge needs
                            2. it would be only competition to create and more expenditure cause, seriously where nwäre the madly betrayed vs normal
                            = No one wins normal players go away cheaters even more space to expand their deeds


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                              Time for MERGER S4 is becoming ghost town.

                              why are we releasing new servers when some of the current ones are half empty. Really sad close to quitting if the only way i can get a battlefield kill is to do a suicide lol