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Chambers of fate/public dungeon

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  • Chambers of fate/public dungeon

    Would it be possible to have 2 time slots for these dungeons just so we can have more people engaged in these activities? Limited to one entry per day.

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    yeah 445pm for eastern timezone server is absolute moronic scheduling, you know many people actually have jobs. To put an important event at such a dumb time is mind boggling


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      If you could pick a time of day for these dungeons, keeping in mind time slots taken up by other events and that no event will be after midnight, what time would you pick?
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        What they need to do is is switch up the times, put things like public dungeon which is **** in the middle of the day when everyone is busy and cant play and put things like iob and chamber of fate later in the evening when people are online after work. I'm sure everyone is sick of missing the good events during the day and having junk like public dungeon and crypt at night. Or maybe they do need to add events in the 11pm to 1 am range cause its actually a busy time for gaming.