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[Activity] Pet Extravaganza – Updated!

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    Dark Reaper

    My Dark Reaper still learn a Physical Skill i


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      why no boxing bear


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        Originally posted by rahmat1748 View Post
        why no boxing bear
        Boxing bear is a free reward for completing a quest. There is no need for it to be a part of the extravaganza.
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          Originally posted by 1Zegram1 View Post
          the rich may be purchased , , ,
          How About The poor . . .?
          can not buy Little Reaper And Crimson werewolf . . . . ?
          pLeeeasseee ....?
          if you mind . . .
          Remove it from the list of stores . . . ?
          So they Cant buy LR and CW
          The poor? Well you had a chance to receive a pet every day for 2 weeks...I guess that's fair enough.
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            still waiting for Cupid and Pet Bunny to be added
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