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We are still working on the known issue that CRS2 currently encountering please be patient.
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Announcement: S93 is back!

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    Originally posted by iAmPerseverant View Post
    Melancholy - S93
    I have forwarded your ticket to be checked.


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      This is a scary thing.

      I have spent allot of money on this game. I am terrified of what I just seen here. They spent allot of money and the server goes down for four days without an explanation. I do hope some of these players gives r2games a second chance. We are losing customers and nobody is here trying to keep them with us. I work in customer service by trade and this is a sad sight. Talk about doing the bare minimum.


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        They would have to build ladders and elevators to rise UP to achieve the bare minimum. This company sucks, the customer support sucks, and their attitude sucks. They don't give even the slightest **** about players issues, wants, or concerns and you are fooling yourself if you think they do.


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          Now what? I couldn't log in.

          Click image for larger version

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