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[Activity] Rewarding Redemption

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  • [Activity] Rewarding Redemption

    Duration: 5/30 – 6/5 11:59 PM (Server Time)
    Server: All Servers
    Level Requirement: 40+

    Description: Redeem a little something for yourself! For the following week, players who complete the daily quest, Redemption, will be rewarded with Health Orb (Bound) x 1.
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    werent we getting Soul Print for this ......

    Server: [S57]Eternal Sanctum---Merged with s52/s55/s59/DP
    Character:[s57] Praveen
    Class: Priest (Blood/Hybrid)
    Level: Scion 92++
    Rank: ArchDuke
    Guild: (S52)Elysium->The Ruling Guild
    Pet: Teeka,Burning Angle,Cupid,Golden Teddy Bear,Super Demon


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      ugh.. would be great if its sp no HOs. we already got tons of HOs so far from recent events
      Crystal Saga

      Ign: (S22)Caia
      Server:(S22)Tyria Village
      Spouse: (S23)Socrates
      Guild:(Lv.10) DivineAngels - GM (AngelOfDeath)

      Looking for>
      -Genie Crystals in Consumers Points
      -More Inventory (Bag) Space & Pages
      -Pixie Crystal in Mystery Packs


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        Stupid event


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          totally agree..we need sp more than ho now...and there's not even a single event to get sp.. at least ho we can still get from doing valida quests or use coupons to buy..more sp event pls...


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            Sweet cant wait to not do redemption again.
            What are bugs?


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              You get a health orb every day for just logging in... Not to mention the other numerous ways to get them. Sp's inspired me to do reds... HO's? Nope, nuthin doin.