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  • [Activity] Torch Girl

    Duration: 11/7 – 11/13 11:59 PM (Server Time)
    Level Requirement: 30+

    Description: The fiery girl with the fiery tools is back in Starglade to ply her wares. For the following week, visit Viveca in Starglade and receive a great deal on torches – only 5G a piece! Limited to 3 torches per day.
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    why 5g torch


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      5g torch isn't much I like it and I can't even gain xp. Chambers of fate can get you lots of gold, imagine before CoF when you had to sell all your valuable farmed items for gold. This is a good event for a lot of players, it's a repeat event but still do yourself a favor save all your torches up for the next 6 days then do some 15-20match torch parties at the end of the week.
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        what are the torches for?


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          exp to lvl you up
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