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[Patch Notes] 1/9 Server Update

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    Okay, why would someone pay to get those banner socketing rods, when you don't even have any new gems to socket it with? You should have at least made some new gems for it before releasing such thing, like sperion for example.

    Can't see any point in socketing them.

    Whoever came up with this genius idea... lol
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      some one fix the pearls pls
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        iI can see many people not being happy with the corruption time change.please move it back to original time ,God only knows we miss a lot of the events as it is .


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          why so late coruption make earlier ***


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            why change corruption time? now its clash with avernal.. dont u think before u change it?


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              yes afcourse we european people may not go to coruption .... make it a normal time >.< like before lob orso .....
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                well thanks for ruining corruption.


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                  I have no comment... :/
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                    i like this corruption time. Now, i wont have to rush in the middle of corruption to the crypts.
                    Originally posted by Dr.Q
                    Hm... best Tenet level, or home mortgage payment... what to do, what to do...


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                      Originally posted by KidSess View Post
                      i like this corruption time. Now, i wont have to rush in the middle of corruption to the crypts.

                      Shhhh, this new corruption time sucks. Accept it and you may receive a cookie.
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                        thank you for the token events.


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                          So we can only purchase the banner socketing rods, great . I wish they would change the IoB time, but I wont need ewings soon so it wont really matter. I like the change in corruption time. Now the OP people will have to choose, if they all go in Avern then I'll farm Corruption with my alts, if they stay in corruption then I'll get 1st in Avern Finally something is going my way.
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                            first of all thanks very much for the update to the game with the re-release of a token exchange event. It really does become very beneficial to many players.

                            secondly, I'll kindly like to ask for the "reasons/excuses" as to why corruption time was change? I certainly do not mind the change in the way corruption is set up, but the timing is a real mess. The following are MY reasons for why that is a mess:

                            i) Corruption clashing with Avernal? Who in their right minds came up with this idea? Is r2's new years resolution to "eliminate gaming experience" from crystal saga? Honestly if there was the slightest sense of "common sense" present in ANY of the developer's mind, they would not have made events clashing with one another. It is already terrible enough with the server time not corresponding exactly to event times, world bosses not spawning at the designated time as it's suppose to and bugged events every so often. Event time should be set in stone and not subjected to change. It is already a pain to have to adjust to certain events for some players and now that they have gotten use to that kind of schedule, you suddenly change the time and smack them in the face?

                            ii) R2 CRYSTAL SAGA is a US based copy of the ORIGINAL CRYSTAL SAGA. So as I said, it's US base, so why isn't r2 being considerate of their players? Some of your US PvP/PvE East, or West server players will so happen to end up playing corruption at 12-1AM Midnight in the morning. How is that being considerate of your player base and your players health? Surely you wouldnt want your players end up ill because they force themselves to stay up late at night for an event because YOU guys decides to change the time to your convenience. Please do not tell me they don't have to stay up because that argument in itself is invalid. Mark of God, and divine feathers are only few of the rares obtainable as "free" in the game apart from cash shop. Yes, yes we can buy from the cash store, but hey! Even cashers at some point would want to enjoy an event here and there not cash themselves to oblivion! I know I know, you can get divine feather through other events such as Dragon Hunt or currently token exchange, but think about it, are those features guarantees? Is token exchange guarantee to stay every month? Is dragon hunt guaranteeing us divine feathers on every roll? NO no guarantees.

                            lastly, It has seem lately for the pass year or so, not only are events being recycle often but worst of all, events and systems that is being release are becoming a real pain to either participate in or to cash for. Taking tenet system for example, it takes 1000s of dollars to reach maximum, yes there are ways to obtain wisdom but seriously, a player can not even average 100wisdom per day and those upgrades takes anywhere between 400-700+ at mortal tenet and up. That is absurd for a game that's meant to be fun, entertaining, and considered as "free to play" Its more like pay to upgrade, free to play as noobs. Many players invest lots of REAL LIFE TIME into this game to do these events release by you guys. Some players have been so considerate, they are willing to even wait for the new features that has been release from the original chinese version ages ago to be implemented into the game. Our US copy version of this game is far outdated, far nerfed, and by far more expensive then playing the actual original copy. Now I am not saying this is flaws, I'm sure there are reasons for this but whatever the reasons are, I personally find them to be excuses more then reasons.

                            Simple, adjust your events time properly for your player base and avoid events from clashing with one another.

                            No game is perfect, all of them has flaws, but at the very least, you guys can for once listen to your players. A game is nothing without it's players and it's players feedbacks. If r2 continues to ignore player feedbacks then I strongly believe that r2 should simply shut down this section of the forums and call it a day. Then all its players will know once and for all that r2 has no interest in listening to its players opinions. Best games and gaming environments are created by both player driven feedbacks and developers working closely with players to create a good game. Not a completely one sided opinion.


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                              ^yeah nice said. r2 dont care now in players. also pow cant be use now. lol go r2 more more more!


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                                Originally posted by slasher0714 View Post
                                ^yeah nice said. r2 dont care now in players. also pow cant be use now. lol go r2 more more more!
                                I believe the moderators are already working on fixing the PoW/GPoW issue. It's just a temporary error, that's all.