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Beginner Question: Whats the best build for a ranger?

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  • Beginner Question: Whats the best build for a ranger?

    i want to know the best build for a rnger from mortal and then what to do when you reborn to scion and edolen... can anyone help...

    also when should i use 2x drop tokens? are the for mobs in dungeons, if so does it include the boss and is afk-ing monsters considered mobs?? will it work when afk-ing?

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    most ranger now use hybrid builds with a mixture of skills and passives. mortal from my experience antimage lvl faster as for scion u should try around what suits u best, for me it was a mixture. drop tokens usually used to increase drops not sure if they work or not since there was no confirmation from any gm or mod as of how exactly they affect the drops.


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      You may find numerous Ranger guides here: The build is ultimately what you prefer as everyone builds their toons a little different. Take a look around and see what you like.

      2x drop tokens can be used whenever you're planning to attack a large quantity of mobs within the hour -- it does not affect dungeon bosses. Since most players bypass dungeon bosses anyways and you get much less "grind time" for dungeons due to having to move around a lot, it's suggested to use drop tokens only when you're AFKing in mob-heavy areas.